Malaysian Astronomy Olympiad (MyAO) or known as MyAO is an annual national level competition in  Astronomy and Astrophysics for lower secondary (age 13-15) and upper secondary (age 16-18) students. This competition has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to be organized in Malaysia.

MyAO is designed to promote an interest among students in astronomy and astrophysics and hence will get more exposure in the related field. Also, we provide a platform and opportunity where the best five talented young students who are under eighteen years old on 31st December of the competition year will be selected to represent Malaysia in the International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO) of the following year. We encourage students who are keen to pursue their future careers in astronomy, learning and understanding the nature of the universe at its most fundamental levels to participate in this competition.

2018 marks the first year MyAO was held and participated by 846 students from 82 schools all around Malaysia. Five top students from MyAO will be selected and represent Malaysia in IAO in the following year. The team won one bronze medal in their first participation in IAO at Piatra Neamt, Romania that was held on 19-27 October 2019. In 2020, the IAO will be hosted in Matera, Italy. 


It involves a multiple stage process of selections and trainings in order to choose the top five students. The selection process are shown below:

Preliminary Round > Final Round > National Training Camps > IAO

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