Please take note that the national organizer and coaches have yet to decide on International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO) 2020

participation due to the global concern regarding the corona virus outbreak, travel concern and other circumstances. For your information, IAO 2020 will be held in Matera, Italy.

The secretariat will update any further notice in our FB page.



These are the full results of Malaysian Astronomy Olympiad (MyAO) 2019. The results are classified by categories in pdf file. There are four types of awards: Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, and Certificate of Participation. The name list of each award is in alphabetical order. 


Please take note of the following:

  1. Please ensure that the written student name, school name and category in the results list are correct. Please email the secretariat (info@myao.my) should there be any amendments to your student name/ school name/ category. This is important since the name, school and category will appear on the certificate.

  2. The certificate of participants will be posted to the respective address registered.

  3. The award percentage of participants are as follows:

  • Approximately top 10% of participants from each category will receive GOLD AWARD certificates.

  • The next 20% of participants will receive SILVER AWARD certificates.

  • Next 20% of participants will receive BRONZE AWARD certificates.  

  • The remaining 50% will receive the certificate of PARTICIPATION.


To view the results, click the buttons below to download the file.

To find a specific name/school, use the CTRL+F (Find) function in pdf.


MyAO Final Round will be held in 2020. The invitation letter of final round will be sent via email to the respective teacher-in-charge of the school. All the details about the final round (date, venue, etc) will be announced in the invitation letter. Stay tuned!